Cosential to Become Part of Unanet

Unanet, announced today it has acquired Cosential. The combination of Unanet’s purpose-built ERP and Cosential’s CRM software will give our AEC customers new choices for best-in-class solutions that meet their enterprise business management needs. Read more here.


Introducing the New Business Development Experience. A unique product experience designed for those who require on-the-go access to the information they need most, made easy. Start winning more of the right business now.

Growth and Relationship Management with Cosential.




Drive higher project and business profitability with time spent preparing and generating reports by 60%.

    Increase productivity in key Business Development process by up to 50%.

    Bid on the right projects by knowing where you are winning, where you are not, and what to do about it.

    Empower with control by freeing data from employees’ PCs, paper files, emails, phones, and memories.

    Learn how top commercial building and building services firms win

    For Executives

    • Turbocharge your business: complete revenue forecasting; seamless project scheduling
    • Grow your most valuable relationships
    • Run the best-oiled new business machine

    For Sales Leaders

    • Shrink the timeline to RFP / bid and seamlessly leverage internal experience
    • Add unmatched relationship power to your pipeline
    • Know the right business to pursue with highest chance of success

    For Strategic Marketers

    • Leverage automated emails and workflow tasks to swiftly manage marketing activities
    • Ensure the highest quality of proposals and bids
    • Eliminate data silos and enable collaboration

    See how leaders in Architecture, Engineering and Construction are accelerating growth

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