Win better business.
Make better decisions.
Grow revenue.

Cosential is a cloud-based CRM and Proposal Generation software used to win better business and accelerate growth exclusively for Construction, Architecture and Engineering firms. Cosential is your catalyst for change.


Cosential is 100% dedicated to helping AEC business developers, marketers, and executives win better business, grow revenue, and increase profitability. Go beyond a CRM and completely own your pre-sales process with Cosential.


Cosential allows Architects to grow their revenue and end business development chaos. Unlike generic solutions that only manage contact data, Cosential was purpose-built for architects and their unique challenges like teamed opportunities and multifaceted business units.


Engineering firms need a customer relationship management system with industry best practices built-in. Cosential harnesses decades of that experience to deliver a solution tailored to the unique challenges faced by business development and marketing teams.


Construction is the ultimate collaborative effort. It takes the hard work of many different business units to come together for one project – Cosential understands this. Make relationships your cornerstone with a system that comprehends the complex nuances your industry requires.



Time is money so if you are in Business Development, or a Doer-Seller, you need to make the most out of every minute in your day. You need the right tools to allow you access to data where and when you need it. Data access via your mobile device and from within your Outlook mail client saves you time and effort when updating contacts, companies and opportunities.

Focus more on the strategic growth of your firm

Make better decisions on current and future projects

Be more competitive because you have accurate information at your finger tips

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Proposal Management

As a Marketer working with proposals, there are always time-pressures to assemble the best response for a coveted project. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring you have the right information to accurately describe the capabilities of your firm and the team that will be assigned to the project. Data accuracy is critical and getting it fast is the answer to win.

Cut down manual time spent on proposals by up to 75%

Stop chasing down your colleagues to get answers to frequently asked questions and data sets

Surface your firm’s sustainability certifications to win future projects

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Executive + Owner

As an Executive or Business Owner, you’re kept up at night worried about the growth of your business, winning the right projects, and the success of your teams. With a complete platform for the pre-sale part of your business, Cosential can provide you answers to all of these insights and more. Cosential reports and dashboards provide unmatched visibility into the health of your business allowing you to see both the big picture as well as the ability to drill into the details.

Get a holistic view of the health of your business with real-time updates

Manage your business development team’s pursuits and pipeline right from your email or smart phone

Strategize how you capture new work for your firm

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Cosential is the system of record for all relationships and business pursuits within an AEC firm. For the past 20 years, we have helped industry leaders win new business thus increasing revenue and profitability. Here are metrics that illustrate the volume of activity running through Cosential in one year alone.

1.5 m

Opportunities Created

465 k


$ 348 b

Total Project Value

32 k


4.6 m


What Our Customers Say

“Cosential makes wide-spread adoption easy by bringing our teams and their data together. Now we are able to execute project pursuits without leaving the tools our BD teams are most familiar with. Cosential’s New Business Development Experience is a game-changer, enabling us to move fast, drive predictable revenue, and be more strategic all while ensuring our entire firm is on board.”

Ryan Hutchins
Executive Vice President, Gilbane Building Company

“We would not be able to submit 750 proposals a year if we couldn’t do them efficiently. Without [Cosential] and without the expertise of staff, the ability to handle four proposals at one time — no one could do that if you don’t know where the data is. It has to be there quickly.”

Deborah Boyd
Director of Marketing, KCI Technologies

“Cosential is a huge time-saver when all I have to do is make one change to a project on my dashboard and it populates all the associated records within Cosential. It keeps me focused on my pipeline instead of data management.”

Chris Jacobs
Senior Market Data Analyst, JE Dunn
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