BST10 Connector

Combine Best-In-Class CRM and Project Accounting Management!

Cosential's integration with BST gives users the ability to easily send BST Project, Company, Contact, and Personnel details into Cosential. BST will create new records in Cosential populated with the data below or update existing Cosential records. This one-way data connector provides quick seamless access to the newly created BST records. Avoid needless double data entry of basic data by integrating Cosential and BST and ensure your marketing team has consistent up-to-date details.

Data Flow

Integration Requirements

  • Subscription to both BST10 v2.18 and Cosential
  • User Permission to install the BST10 Connector
  • User Permission to configure the BST10 Connector

Request BST10 API Certificate
To integrate your BST10 account with your Cosential account, you'll need to contact BST and request the BST10 API Service be enabled on your BST account. You'll receive the following details from BST and will need them to integrate the two systems:

  • BST Certificate (a file to upload)
  • BST Password
  • BST API Path

Install the Cosential BST10 Connector

  1. As a Cosential user with BST10 Connector install permissions, navigate to
  2. Login
  3. Click the App Market from the module bar on the left
  4. Scroll down to the BST10 Connector tile
  5. Click the BST10 Connector tile
  6. Click "Install" on the top right corner of this App Market screen
  7. Click "Ok" in the Success pop-up box

Configure the Cosential BST10 Connector

  1. If you have BST10 Connector configure permissions, click "Configure" on the top right corner
  2. Enter the BST10 API details you received from BST into the appropriate boxes
  3. Select which BST Endpoints (data types) you'd like to integrate
  4. Review mapping and make changes as needed for each BST Endpoint
  5. In the BST Integration panel, click the "Enabled" radial button
  6. Click "Save"

The BST10 Connector will run every 60 seconds creating new records in Cosential and updating existing records.

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