Built2Win 2020 | A Virtual Series

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 global health pandemic, Cosential’s annual user conference, Built2Win, was reformatted into a virtual series of events – free to all end users of Cosential. This series took place between May 6 – 21st, 2020.

If you are a current user, you can access all of the sessions and their presentation materials by visiting our Support Center. These sessions serve as great training, thought-leadership, or refresher materials for you and your firm.

Built2Win Session Library

Built2Win 2020 is open to all people, from all departments that service the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Check out the session categories available to you this year. Explore more within these categories by clicking the buttons below.

The Business Development Experience

Business Development teams are the pace-setters for future growth. In these sessions you get the first look at a new Business Development Experience. You will see and learn how Cosential has moved beyond basic CRM capabilities into owning the pre-sales process for BD and marketing leaders tasked with growing profitable revenue for their firms. See how you can lead the way and use Cosential as a catalyst for change.

Lessons for Marketers

Marketing teams need instant access to accurate data and efficient solutions to drive your proposal automation processes. In these sessions you will learn from product experts and your peers on new ways to leverage Cosential capabilities, Best Practices to help your improve your productivity to keep up with the ever increasing demands of your business.

Learn from Your Peers

We are grateful to have such wonderful, innovative customers at Cosential. In these sessions they will be sharing their insights, lessons learned and best practices. Hear about some of the innovative ways your peers are solving common challenges with Cosential. Use what you learn here to improve results for your entire firm.

All Things Data

Regardless of the role you play in your organization, data can help you make better informed decisions that will contribute to your growth and success as an individual, team or firm. These sessions will be a treat to all of you data nerds that can’t get enough of how to capture, visualize and make decisions based on data. Learn about both the solutions and best practices to maximize the value you can get out of Cosential.

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Check out the full lineup for virtual Built2Win 2020.