November 22, 2013

4 Quick Tips for Cosential Training

1. Control the terms of the training sessions.
Keep it short. Training sessions can be online or onsite and sometimes a combination of both. Sessions are most effective when kept to 1 – 2 hours in length and focused on a specific portion of Cosential (e.g., Entering Companies and Contacts). Onsite training allows more people to get hands-on training.

Since most people learn by doing, a workshop setting works well — they can watch on a screen and then replicate the actions on their own computer or tablet. This also allows your Implementation Specialist to give special attention to people who need it. Online or remote training is better for smaller groups—preferably less than 10 people—as smaller groups tend to have fewer sidebar conversations.

To deter from distractions, we recommend gathering your users together to participate in a web-based session moderated by your Implementation Specialist.

2. Be prepared.
Keep it simple. Bring single sheet “how-tos” that explain the Cosential functionality that’s relevant to your firm. You can find great information in the Cosential Support Center to customize your experience. Also, be sure to bring Business Process Maps for your firm. These explain in a clear, visual way how Cosential will affect everyone’s work and what’s expected of them.

You can also use these maps to show users what they can expect to find in the system. Users buy in when they realize that information that they need is going to be centralized and available to them within Cosential.

3. Provide users with helpful resources.
Keep it accessible. You can greatly increase user adoption by making sure that your end users have resources to help them answer questions as they come up. Remember people learn differently so you may want to provide both resources they can watch and read. Keep a list of your users’ frequently asked questions.

Post this document somewhere that’s easily accessible like your firm’s intranet or the Knowledge module within Cosential. To satisfy the visual learners,  alert your users to Cosential’s previously recorded and weekly training webinars. If you have the time, create videos for internal use to help your users with firmspecific issues. You can also provide them a link to Cosential’s LinkedIn community to connect with other users.

4. Communicate regularly.
Keep users engaged. Send out newsletters or tips and tricks regularly. How often depends on your firm, but many firms find once or twice a month works well. Promote more engagement by hosting occasional lunch and learns where you teach users about new features or review key functionality. If you can keep users learning and engaged, they will get much more out of Cosential, and so will your firm.

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