August 1, 2018

5 Features to Save Time on Proposal Resumes

Have you been trying to customize your CRM in order to meet your AEC marketing needs? In our traditional vs. project CRM series, we’ve been talking about how a project-based CRM can make a big difference for AEC marketers.

Now we’re going to add another element to the mix: your team. We all know how challenging it is to maintain accurate resume information. In professional services firms, your technical staff will often tackle multiple projects at the same time. In this post, we’ll talk about how our Personnel Module can make a big difference in capturing all of the information you need to create accurate resumes.

While most CRMs can capture client information, our Personnel module adds functionality that is missing from most traditional CRMs. Here are five benefits our Personnel Module adds over traditional CRMs.

Five benefits our Personnel Module adds over traditional CRMs

1. Personal Data

If you do a lot of municipal or government sector work, you may have been asked on an RFP personal information such as home city or state, or information that may fall under the human resources umbrella. Cosential has a place for that information in our Personnel module. Our Personal Info Tab can save you a lot of time when you’re looking for this pertinent information so you don’t have to dig for it.

2. Project Experience

Trying to dig up project experience for team members that are working on projects simultaneously is extremely difficult. In Cosential, if the project exists in your account and your project records are up to date in the system, you can link this project information easily to each staff member or use your Financial Data Connector (FDC) to bring over project experience and hours worked from your financial system.

No more tracking down personnel and asking them for updated project experience. With Cosential, project information is always current and accessible.

3. Certifications and Registrations

You know your team is always working on maintaining their certifications and acquiring new ones. Not only does Cosential have a place for certification information, but users can also update this information themselves. User data entry for relevant certifications and associations is a huge time saver for marketers.

Another benefit to capturing this information in the Personnel Module is this information ties to a Cosential dashboard widget. The widget is color coordinated to let marketers know when professional certifications are close to expiring. This keeps you well organized, and certainly helps to ensure your staff avoids ever being disqualified on your next RFP due to an expired registration.

4. Education and Training

Does your current CRM have a place to store each of your team member’s education and training details? Cosential does! Cosential can save all education and training information. Did your Superintendent recently complete their OSHA training? We’ve got a place for that! Did your architect get their LEED or WELL AP certification last week? The Personnel record has a field for that information as well.

5. Bios

Since you’re an expert marketer, you customize your resumes for each pursuit, don’t you? Don’t worry – we’ve got a place in our Personnel record for all resumes. In our Resume Intros tab, users have the option to save multiple resume intro versions. With Cosential, there is no need to hunt for that last healthcare intro you wrote – it’s always ready and waiting for you.

The next time you’re scrambling for personal data, project experience, or the year an employees graduated from college, don’t forget that there is a better way. Cosential offers your users the ability to keep all of this useful information, so you’re not scrambling to find the information for an RFP when you need it.

Interested in learning more about how Cosential can help your firm stay on top of your personnel records? We would love to show you, request a demonstration today and reference this topic/blog.

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