April 13, 2021

A Customer-Centric Approach to Product Innovation.

AEC firms are shaping the world around us. At Cosential, we believe the ‘Built World’ is a better place when our clients design, engineer, and ultimately construct the bestinclass settings for us to play, work, live, seek shelter and even find enlightenment in. Over 1.5 million opportunities to pursue projects to accomplish just that have been created with Cosential on an annual basis aloneThe same technology that’s enabling AEC firms to drive forward with winning projects by storing their institutional knowledge, generating proposals, and collaborating across offices also wants to ensure partnerships are in place for what could come next.  

Simply put: the voice of our customer matters to us. We’re purposebuilt for Business Developers, Seller-Doers, and Marketers inside of firms leading the way in the AEC industry, and as the expert on how to pursue projects, we know these firms have valuable insights, the needed key ingredient, to help us create powerful solutions in our software that our customers love.  

A customer-centric approach to product innovation matters. That’s why we’re introducing the Cosential Ideas Portal, a new dedicated corner of our Knowledge Base to share concepts, feature enhancements, and watch fresh ideas come to life while collaborating directly with our Product team. For customers of Cosentialtheir big idea today is one step closer to becoming tomorrow’s new feature.  


“I can tie back skyscrapers, developments, roadways, and the incredible design experiences we live in to so many of our firms. It’s exciting to know that our customers will soon be able to do something similar, by tying back key features, enhancements and integrations to a partnership with the faces behind the product they use every day. Introducing the Ideas Portal elevates the voice of our customers and fosters an essential collaboration between customer and technology for building world-class product.” – Dianna Lovelace, Product Manager 


Now, our users have a dedicated space to bring their thoughts and concepts to spark magic in our product, and collaborate through:  

  • Sharing and submitting ideas for our product & upvoting other ideas to cultivate a crowdsourced community amongst peers in the AEC space. 
  • Viewing and exchanging thoughts on trending submissions from feature enhancements to completely new ways our product could support the way leading firms in AEC do business.  
  • Receiving updates directly from our product team as ideas are picked up and brought to life.   


For us, our continued investment in our customers is evident even in our product development. Our new dedicated Ideas Portal brings our customers voice to the surface and enables us to ultimately transform those insights into future product development. 

We’re built better – together.   


To learn more about how Cosential is partnering with AEC firms to transform their business, read the AP Construction case study.