August 11, 2017

AEC Acronyms

One of the hardest elements of starting a new job, especially within a new industry, is learning the language. I’ve encountered a lot within my own career, especially in my days of selling computer hardware and advertising products.

I recall eagerly digesting all the content I could get my hands on to speak confidently in meetings, especially with customers. It’s one thing for a client to know you are new to the role, quite another to show a newbie card by asking for elaborations on the little things … like acronyms.

The 1987 movie “Good Morning, Vietnam” pokes excellent fun at this concept. Recall the classic scene where Adrian Cronauer (played by Robin Williams) pokes great fun at the Army’s subjective language as he retorts to his leading officer, “Excuse me, sir. Seeing as how the VP is such a VIP, shouldn’t we keep the PC on the QT? ‘Cause if it leaks to the VC he could end up MIA, and then we’d all be put on KP.”

That scene is a flagship example of how acronyms within a specific industry sound like to the outsider. Unless you have served or had close affiliations with the military you would be lucky to know two or more of the acronyms within that scene.

Upon entering the AEC space (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) in 2016 I found that acronyms were not only prevalent but were also embedded in our CRM software (Cosential) from its dedication to this niche industry for almost 20 years. As the marketing head, I had to quickly learn them to build rapport with partners, vendors, and clients.

Most often I would rely on a wall of sticky notes or various bookmarks. It then dawned on me that the few online resources dedicated to acronyms in AEC were old, static and lacking in content. To obtain a fresh collection I came up with an idea of a contest to incentivize thousands within our industry to contribute the acronyms they knew to be used and relative in our space.

The 1190 acronyms collected are the result of the contest we collected from January through April, 2017. We didn’t write or determine them; that credit goes to those who participated. Where permission is given, each submission is accompanied by the person’s name who first contributed each unique entry.

Unlike the static versions seen elsewhere this version will be fluid. If you don’t see an AEC centric acronym in this collection that should be included, the site allows you to submit your AEC centric acronyms to us and we will continually add more as they are reviewed. Each quarter we will review new submissions and publish a new PDF volume.

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AEC Acronyms Handbook

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