March 4, 2014

AEC firms with Oscar-worthy Stories Win – What’s your Story?


oscar statueGreat stories help Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms win projects. Ideally, the theme of any story for a proposal or interview is how the firm will surpass the expectations of the client. With a CRM like Cosential, firms gain insight into characters and plot lines by gaining a complete picture of their firm’s connections, interactions and history with any client or partner. The more a firm understands prospective clients and competing firms, the more likely they’ll be able to weave the right characters, assail any conflict and become the hero of their own story.




What knowledge should you have at your fingertips to construct your story? Add plot points to your firm’s storyline to address the following:

Understanding your team
Constructing a solid team is simple when you can view resumes and project experience quickly and easily.

  • Who is your winning team?
  • Who has the strongest relationship and greatest influence with the decision-makers?

Understanding the client
You may have the strongest team, but where does the client fit into your story? In order to create client-focused messaging, you need to understand the client.

  • Are there people who are associated to the client or project that can lend you insights? For example, Adam Architect owns Cosen Construction and sits on the Board at the hospital that you’re bidding. Cosential can identify those affiliated contacts so you can gain more insights to help you win the project.
  • Who are the decision makers and influencers and what are their hot-button issues? Write your story from their perspective.
  • What projects have you recently completed with them? Any project ongoing? How were they received?
  • Why did you win or lose with this client on past opportunities and what must you do to ensure a win? It’s beneficial to review opportunity debriefs to learn from past experience. There may be key details to improve your next story.

Understanding the competition
Due to the knowledge you’ve gained about your competitors during past opportunities, you probably already know why you won or lost.

  • Who are they? What is their team like?
  • What are their strengths/weaknesses?
  • What was their strategy and interview approach in past opportunities?
  • What are your Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities, and Threats?
Tip: Don’t forget to upload your SWOT analysis to the opportunity. It’s valuable information when building your opportunity debrief, reassessing your Go /NoGo strategy, and evaluating future pursuits.

Understanding your story
The best stories come from having a deep understanding of the characters, their backstories and the desired climax of the story. Of course the theme always remains the same — you are the best firm for the job. By gathered the necessary information from your CRM, the outline writes itself and all that remains is fleshing it out with style, tone, and most importantly, heart. Oscar-winning stories come from the heart and portray a passion toward the subject matter. Cosential can help you understand the characters and plot lines to make your next story Oscar-worthy.

To learn more about how Cosential can help you gain greater insight into your cast of characters to build a better story, sign up for a demo today.

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