February 19, 2019

Architecture Software: Everything You Need to Know

Over the past few years, the field of architecture has seen a number of developments, particularly with regards to the technology that is being used. Architecture software has become a necessity, and professionals all over are now turning to this as a means to improve the kind of work that they do. These software options center around the idea of being able to create digital structures and frames that could be implemented in real life. These software options have been able to give architects a platform to perform their work, and have been able to grow abundantly with the resources that they have. For those looking to go digital with the work that they do, there are a number of architecture software options that architects all over the world are implementing. To make it easier for you to find which one works for you, we have divided the article into different subsections, each dealing with one particular segment of architecture.

4 Architecture Software Options You Need to Know — and The Top Vendors

1. Building Information Modeling

One of the biggest uses for digital architect software programs for architects is to be able to create digital structures. If a professional wants to draw up a sketch of the building that they plan to build, they can easily implement it with the resources given to them through programs that offer building information modeling (BIM). Being able to create a virtual 3D model of a building may seem like a simple task in itself, but it is something that has significantly streamlined the work that professionals do. Autodesk Autodesk is an architect software designed to offer professionals with all that they would need in terms of BIM. This easy and comprehensive software allows its users to create simple and crisp models that they can then bring to life. The software is being implemented by professionals working in building design, civil infrastructure, and construction. Vectorworks Architect Vectorworks Architect is a software designed for smaller companies who want to have the same output as their larger counterparts but who want a software that is easy to use and efficient at the same time. One of the reasons why even bigger companies are turning to this software is because of the usability of this software and the range of features that are provided. For those on a lookout for architecture software programs that aren’t hard to figure out, this is the one to go in for.

2. Enterprise Resource Planning

Management is an important part of conducting good architectural plans and having good software to make this job easier is vital. Enterprise resource planning software options are meant to properly carry out all the management and administrative tasks that architectural firms need to carry out, and incorporating these is a good way to improve the kind of work being done. Oracle Oracle is one of the biggest and most respected architectural software options for those who are on the lookout for all-inclusive software. The software allows its users to perform a number of tasks — right from accounting to planning to human resources. The software is also considered to be one of the best architecture software for finance, making this an important and useful choice for firms that are looking to improve the work that they do. Workday Workday is one of the most well-known architecture software programs that has been designed to allow you to work well in the three main departments, which are finance, HR and planning. These are three departments that need to be operating at their maximum efficiency for a company to work well, and incorporating good software that makes this work easier can help the development of the firm as a whole. The only drawback with this software is that you may need to install additional tools to be able to expand the usability and features that are offered. SAP SAP is one of the most widely used software options for companies that deal with international clients and who are working on a larger scale. While this may not be software that is optimal for those running smaller firms, it can be of great use to bigger names who want nothing short of the very best architecture software to run their company.

3. Project Management

Efficiently managing the work that an architect does is incredibly important, especially for those who are working on multiple projects at once. Project management programs are designed to help you with every handling aspect of a project and can help you work around budgeting, deadlines, and planning in a much more efficient manner. Project management systems are also popular for their administrative purposes and can help the administration of a company be in the loop about the different tasks being done in the company and the different projects that have been taken on. Procore Architectural companies across the world have been implementing technology to better manage their projects, and to make sure that the work that they are doing is effective, and without any hurdles. Procore, in particular, has an incredibly easy to use interface that can be used by anyone, right from the administration to the architects themselves.

4. Customer Relationship Management

For any professional who wants to improve their business, having a good relationship with your client is extremely important. Your customers depend on you to be able to carry out the project that they need, and ensuring that you meet those needs is important if you want to run a good business. Customer relationship management software options are easy to use, and ensure that you have all the information that you need about your customers and the work that you need to do. There are several things that client relationship management programs can help you with, which include:

  • Efficient And easier management of customer data
  • Streamlines customer interactions with the company
  • Gives access to important information on the customer
  • Automates sales procedures that need to be followed
  • Follow up on any leads
  • Draft and easily send in contracts
  • Easier marketing processes
  • Provides good customer support
  • Boosts vendor relationships
  • Offers insight into work done by employees
  • Offers additional resources for smoother functioning of the business

Cosential Having software that is able to perform all the tasks relating to your client is important, and Cosential is one software that does a brilliant job at helping you do that. The software was designed keeping in mind the various needs of business owners and to provide them with a good solution to handle their customers. The brilliant thing about the software is that it was designed for architectural firms, thereby providing them with tools that are specific to their field. The software allows its users to manage all the customers coming to the firm, and allows for special management of business-related contacts. The system also allows architects to manage their own employees better and enables the user to store and collect information regarding the staff and their activities. There is a reason why architectural firms across the country are turning to this software, and incorporating this in your business is just one more way to make it efficient with the help of technology. Conclusion There is no doubt that software designed for architectural firms can greatly contribute to the better functioning of the company as a whole. Using a combination of the software options that we mentioned is a great way to make your company more technologically adept, and to ensure that you are operating at maximum efficiency. If you liked this article, you may also like: