Are You Leveraging the Power of Project Data?

Most traditional CRMs cater to product-based businesses and lack the ability to track relevant project data. Since the AEC industry focuses on selling professional services, being able to track relevant project data for case studies and proposals is not only important, but vital for winning the next project.

If your CRM doesn’t have the ability to store detailed project information then you’re already at a huge disadvantage to your competitors. If you’re losing valuable time searching for project information, you’re not spending time focusing on what’s really important to selection committees.

If you want to create winning proposals in less time, you have to think outside the traditional CRM and use a system that has a Project Experience Database.

Managing Complex Projects and Project Teams

  If your firm chases projects with government, municipality, or institutional clients, keeping track of teaming partners on your previous project work is a must. Many RFPs ask for detailed information regarding the team that completed a project in order to determine whether or not the team proposed for a given project has successfully completed prior work together.

  In order to answer these types of questions, having a project-based CRM like Cosential that can house this information makes responding to these types of questions much easier.

Capturing Project Data Real-Time Creates Less Headaches

  As project work happens, it’s sometimes challenging to capture all of the pertinent information from busy technical staff. Unfortunately, that’s usually the best time to gather project data since it’s fresh in their minds! Traditional CRMs don’t typically offer a way to gather project data as it’s happening.

  Again, Cosential is different from most CRMs in that it’s designed with the AEC marketer in mind, and has the ability to import data from other sources such as the firm’s accounting system. Even if project managers don’t have the time to fill in the marketer on fees, costs, and dates associated with the project, Cosential’s Financial Data Connector function can help bring this information in real time so it’s not lost after the project closes out.

2018.06.29 Project Data Screen Shot

A Place for Everything Project Related

  Although marketers might have a system for organizing awards, publications, documents, and photos in their marketing drives, searching for these types of documents can sometimes be a challenge for technical staff. Again, Cosential is designed to make it easy to search and find all documentation associated with a project no matter your role within the organization.


  If you’re a marketer in an A/E/C firm and your CRM isn’t project-focused, you’re at a huge disadvantage. Cosential’s Project Module can be a huge time-saver when it comes to assembling information for RFP responses. When AEC marketers have all of the project information they need easily accessible, they can focus more on extra details that convey value in their proposals and less time hunting down facts.

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