March 26, 2014

Best Practice Tips to Increase User Adoption

Courtney Kearney is the CRM Manager for Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors and serves as the facilitator for the Dallas/ Fort Worth Cosential User Group. She is also a frequent writer/speaker on the topic of CRM and user adoption. Courtney’s approach has been used to dramatically increase user adoption at numerous firms. While she uses the acronym Cosential within the Cosential community, the below user adoption tips could be applied to any CRM. This is one example of the tools she uses to assist her firm and others to promote user adoption:

Cosential AcronymsC lean Data
O pen Communication
S upport Users
E ssential to Users Work Flow
N arrow Users focus
T rain Users
I nitiate Usage
A rm Users with Documentation
L isten to users

Clean data will keep users engaged and increase adoption. Data doesn’t have to be perfect, but it must be usable and findable.

Open communication keeps frustration down and buy-in up. If you are knee deep in clean-up of company records or a particular section, communicate that to users so they know you are aware of the mess and are actively fixing it. Weekly tips are a great way to keep Cosential on the mind.

Support users with mini Cosential user groups that are empowered with at least one well-trained user. This can be broken down by office, division, team, etc. Meet with this group regularly to train them, communicate changes, distribute mass data entry and get overall feedback from users at large.

If Cosential is essential to users workflow, they will use the system. Replace Excel spreadsheets with reports and convince managers to not accept anything but a Cosential report. Have Business Development activity not count unless it’s in Cosential, pull review data from Cosential, etc.

Narrow users focus to the modules that are necessary for them. Don’t overwhelm them with ALL that Cosential can do.

Train users as much and as often as tolerance will allow. Well-trained users are the best ones.

Initiate usage with workflow notifications that have links back to Cosential. If you send out a report, embed the link to the report; if you send a tip, include a link to previous tips, etc.

Arm users with documentation. Even if they don’t read it when you first give it to them, there is comfort in knowing it’s there. When they ask you a question, you can send them to the Knowledge module where all the manuals, tips, newsletters, etc. are located.

Listen to users even if you can’t or won’t implement all their suggestions. Sometimes all they really want is to be heard.

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