Business Development Benchmarking for A/E Firms

How do business developers in the Architecture / Engineering (A/E) industry spend their time; and how could they be more efficient? PSMJ recently released their 2013 Fees & Pricing Benchmark Survey Report outlining the allocation of business development efforts within the A/E industry.

While there was great variation in time spent responding to RFPs based on firm-size, some were as high as 48%.

Kate Chart

If firms are spending almost half their time responding to RFPs, perhaps they’re being more reactive than proactive. I wonder what percentage of these firms are chasing work they really aren’t positioned to win?

What would happen if they had better metrics on what jobs they were more likely to win and had a go/no-go process in place to ensure that they were pursuing only that work?

And how much would that percentage go down if they were effectively using a CRM where they could easily and quickly access all relevant information for the pursuit? 48% seems like an extremely high number that could be lessened with a more efficient process so that firms could spend more time strengthening new and existing relationships.

Anthony Kempa, Vice President, Marketing at Environmental Systems Design, Inc. explained how streamlining their process with CRM helped them bring some of their RFP tasks down from two weeks to five minutes.

“Recently, our CEO was able to experience the benefits of using Cosential directly. He received a call about an opportunity before any formal RFP process was initiated and was able to triangulate our relationships across people and companies quickly. Within five minutes, he had enough confidence with our information to start placing meaningful and productive phone calls.

As a result of our CEO’s calls, we started providing consulting-engineering for the client less than two weeks later. In the past, it could have taken up to two weeks to connect all the dots.

Cosential was able to help us be more efficient and productive through providing a 360 degree view across our business functions, from marketing and business development to operations, human resources, and accounting. This insight helps us to be more competitive.”

Let us take a look at your business development/marketing process to help you identify areas that need improvement and provide you with expert tips for making these efforts more effective.

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