Cosential’s Contact Grid is a Huge Time-Saver for AEC Firms

We’re all excited about the extreme ease-of-use of Cosential’s new Contact Grid. Check out Dan Cornish, Cosential’s CEO, sharing a quick overview:

Everyone seems to have their own favorite features, but these six have surpassed the others as our personal faves:

  • Update contacts quickly with a double-click
  • Populate a contact’s City, State, and Country by entering the zip code
  • Filter contacts by key value lists, mailing lists, relationships, etc.
  • Identify contacts in a certain geographic area with a radius search
  • Save custom filters
  • Export large data sets to Excel

Here are some other features that we wanted to highlight for Cosential CRM.

1. Smart Time-Saving Tools: Central Information Platform
Cosential integrates accounting, marketing, and business development data into one location that’s accessible from any device, anywhere. Collect, track, and report on every piece of data that’s valuable for exceptional customer relationship management and proposal automation. Metrics on Leads Created, Opportunity by Stage, and Hit Rate are convenient and updated in real time.

2. Essential Integrations
Nobody wants to re-enter data into another system.Cosential seamlessly integrates with your financial and lead generation systems, email, and publishing programs like Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word. These valuable integrations help you work more efficiently, and maximize the power of your data while continuing to leverage the tools you already know and love.

3. Simple Administration and Management
Cosential’s straightforward, easy to use software gives you dynamic organization strategies through its highly versatile applications. Empower administrators with highly granular permissioning and administrative controls. Enable firm administrators to create automatic processes to manage the flow of new information.
Streamline your firm’s administration, so you focus on the work that you want to be doing.

4. Custom Analytics Reporting and Search Functions
Arm yourself with knowledge through Cosential’s dynamic Dashboard tool. Gain perspective and make smarter decisions with smart search and custom reporting functions which enable users to research, integrate, analyze, and export all business intelligence with just a few clicks. Create sophisticated customized reports for all of the industry’s common queries, and make strategic adjustments to your business development through your findings.

Interested in learning more about how Cosential can help your firm stay on top of your personnel records? We would love to show you, request a demonstration today.

Feel free to also reach out to our sales team at or 800-505-7089 ext. 1 with any questions you may have.

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