Does Your CRM Make It Easy To Go?

In the A/E/C industry, project pursuits are expensive. Due to the expense associated with many pursuits, most firms create a Go/No-Go process to facilitate the decision-making process.

Although most firms have a Go/No-Go process, sometimes this simple step can get skipped early in the pursuit process, why?

The Traditional Go/No-Go Process

Completing the Go/No-Go process usually requires the completion of a form. Usually, this form is kept in a marketing database and must be completed by the marketing staff with input from senior management. Unfortunately, these forms are usually filled in and then saved in a drive never to be seen or heard from again.

The Go/No-Go process is important because it keeps proposal teams focused on pursuing work that will be the most profitable for the firm. If this process is so important, how can we make sure it’s maintained?

Make the Go/No-Go Process Easy

In order to make sure the Go/No-Go step is completed at your firm, it has to be easy,  accessible, and useful; Cosential’s Go/No-Go feature takes care of all three. First, Cosential users can quickly create a variety of Go/No-Go Form templates based on the type of opportunity a firm is pursuing.

Whether it’s a healthcare or commercial pursuit, users can customize the right type of form for the right type of opportunity.

Go-No-Go Form

In addition to creating a form easily, users in Cosential have the ability to quickly go through a list of opportunities and quickly complete a Go/No-Go Form without having to go into each opportunity directly.

And lastly, Cosential’s Go/No-Go Forms can be quickly changed if needed. If a question is no longer relevant, or a firm’s focus has shifted, the Go/No-Go Form can be quickly changed to accommodate a firm’s new strategy.


Most traditional CRMs are built for product-focused businesses and not geared toward selling professional services.

Since Cosential is designed for marketers in the AEC industry, it has many features that traditional CRMs don’t, like the Go/No-Go Form. The Go/No-Go Form is only one example of the many features our powerful platform offers to transform your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Cosential can do for you, schedule a demo here.

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