February 25, 2016

Five Social Media Posts Your Construction Company Could Publish Today

Now, maybe we should start off this coversation with why you should be using social media in the first place, because perhaps you’re not yet convinced of this free and easily accessible form of media. If you are convinced, great, you can skip down to the post suggestions below.

Social Media: it’s not all “Much Ado About Nothing” like some like to say. On these sites, billions of people are posting, sharing, commenting on thousands upon thousands of opinions. Are all of them useful? Of course not. Do you agree with them all? Let’s hope not. But that doesn’t mean that your potential and existing clients aren’t on there, and that they’re not open to what you have to say. An active presence on social media keeps your company on people’s minds.

Example: let’s say a small business, a pizzeria, used your services three years ago for a project. Maybe they might not need services for another two years, but if you follow their fan page on Facebook, like their photos on Instagram and their tweets on Twitter every now and again, they will follow you back.

Then, your social media presence keeps them current on what’s going on with you. It’s an opportunity for them to see the people that work at your company, what goes on behind the scenes. Then, three years down the road when they want to expand on their existing building, you’re the first company they think of because they feel like they know you.

Social media is an opportunity you can’t miss out on. And, not to mention, it’s free (unless you decide to buy ads).

So what do you have to say on social media?

I refuse to believe that you and your company, who are doing so many cool and exciting things, have nothing to say. So here’s a little push, something to get you going. Here’s a list of five social media posts your construction company could post today. Some of which are easy, and just in case you’ve run out of things to say about your company, some would have nothing to do with your firm itself.

1) Sharing Articles from Respected Magazines

Just because you didn’t write it, doesn’t mean you can’t post it. What you do is comment on the top of the post and give commentary about the ideas in the article. Maybe you are against this advancement or government legislation. If so, you could say something like, “Write your local congressperson.”

Or, if you like what’s going on in the article, you can sing its praises. Sharing an article is a mark of the symbiotic relationship that social media embodies. The publisher makes money by getting more people to click on the article, and you generate interest in your company. It’s a win-win.

2) Birthdays of Famous Innovators in the Industry

This type of share is successful for many reasons. First, it shows your company’s passion for the industry, and knowledge of its history. Not to mention, it shows that your humble enough to admit that there are other “great” people to aspire to. Finally, it’s very easy for readers to look at and appreciate. (Psssst, engineer Casey Jones’ birthday is March 14th).

3) Awards Your Company Won

Don’t be afraid to humblebrag. We all do it. We all need to do it. And, we all feel a little weird when doing it, but then we think to ourselves that we have to. A few pointers: put the emphasis on the competitors in the competition, and also thank the client. You can always say, “We’re so lucky to have such open and thoughtful clients that keep us working. It’s been a blessing to have them in our lives.”

4) Photos of Your Projects

Posts that share ideas through text are great, but your company also builds physical objects, and sometimes we just need to see them. If you simply had someone on the job take some photos (or obviously if you have the money to hire professionals, all the better), post them to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a short blurb about the progress the project is making.

Example: “So excited to get the foundation down for @StCharlesUniversity’s School of Agriculture Building.” (More on @ signs and hashtags later)

5) News About Events Involving Projects You Completed in the Past

Now, let’s say that fifteen years ago your company was involved in the building of a stadium or mall or something. If there’s a significant event happening there, such as The Rose Bowl, or Stephen F. Austin Unveristy had a huge upset against Texas A&M, or Black Friday at Lakeland Mall, post about this event with an article from the newspaper.

Then, write your own comment saying how proud you are to have built it. You can say something like, “Great to see people having fun at Lakeland Mall. So proud to have been a part of that great project. Now be careful everybody! #blackfriday.”

Between those five types of shares, your company should have enough material to keep your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram going. It will generate interest in your company, and keep people connected to what’s going on in your world.

Finally, if we were going to give some advice, we’d say, above everything else, have fun with this. If you’re having fun in writing it, your clients will have fun in reading. Then, they might even share it.

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