October 3, 2018

Ice Breakers with AEC Influencers: Ron Worth


Ron Worth CAE, FSMPS, CPSMToday’s Ice Breaker is with Ron Worth CAE, FSMPS, CPSM, Chief Executive Officer of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), a 6,000-member professional society representing principals, business developers, and marketers from the leading architectural, engineering, construction, and real estate firms in the United States.

Ron began his career as an architect and then spent almost 30 years as Vice President/Director of marketing for a construction firm before moving to the non-profit world. He is an author, a well-known speaker, and an avid blogger.

What 5 Words describe you?

Positive, Dedicated, Curious, Caring, Receptive

What’s an Ice Breaker tip that you use at Networking Events?

Many people arrive at an event with a list of people they want to meet. They only talk with those people on the list and to people they think will help them in business. Instead of that, I make an effort to meet all kinds of people with different backgrounds and at different levels in their career.

By exposing yourself to new experiences and new ideas, you’ll meet a wide variety of people that may help your career or even become a friend.

What’s a mistake you made that turned out to be a learning opportunity?

My mistake was thinking I was going to be Frank Lloyd Wright when I graduated from college.  Instead of being an award-winning, trend-setting architect, I learned that if you leave yourself open, you might find opportunities that are better matched to your strengths and skills than what you had originally thought.

If you had to choose a career outside of the A/E/C industry, what would it be?

I can’t imagine my life without A/E/C. I love the non-profit arena. So, if I had to leave the A/E/C industry, I’d work for another non-profit organization.

Who’s your AEC Role Model?

In the design profession it is John Portman out of Atlanta. He’s a true renaissance architect.

To learn more about Ron Worth, you can follow him on Twitter @ronworth, connect with him at LinkedIn or check out SMPS at www.smps.org.

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