Is Your CRM on Your Team?

There are a lot of CRM tools out there, but if you’re not using a CRM that’s made for the industry you serve, then you’re going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting, customizations, and workarounds. Ugh – who wants to do that?

If your CRM isn’t working for you, then you’re wasting valuable time and resources. In this five-part series, we’re going to discuss key features that an A/E/C firm needs in its CRM. First up: teaming.

Why Does Teaming Matter in Regards to My CRM?

The A/E/C industry is unique in that often architects, general contractors, and subconsultants, must create their teams well in advance of an RFP being released in order to secure the best chance for a win. In some cases, subconsultants that are well positioned with a government agency or institution have the opportunity to team with multiple architects or design-build teams.

Although some subconsultants have the opportunity to team with multiple firms, only one firm can win. Most CRMs would require a distinct record for each of these opportunities and if the user enters in a project value for each entry, it inflates the opportunity pipeline. Well that’s not very helpful, is it? We use CRMs because we want accurate metrics!

If Your Firm Is Teaming Your CRM Needs Sub-Opportunities

If your firm teams often, your CRM needs a sub-opportunity feature. In Cosential, users have the ability to create a master opportunity with sub-opportunities. In the example below, a firm is chasing a university’s new STEM building project. The firm is teamed with two firms. Each sub-opportunity is listed in the “Sub-Opportunities” field.

When the project is awarded to one of the firms, the marketing professional can change one of the sub-opportunities to a win, update the Master Opportunity to the winning firm, and convert the opportunity to a project. The sub-opportunity functionality ensures win/loss reports are always accurate.

Sub-Opportunities Aren’t Subpar

As you can see, sub-opportunities are a great way for marketers to track pursuits in their CRM. Sub-opportunity functionality ensures firms can capture accurate metrics and eliminate extraneous or inflated data.

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