October 6, 2011

Large Enterprises Let Go of Fear: Cloud Computing War Ends

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Since I started building cloud solutions in 1995, I have had to constantly fight the battle for cloud computing over the old-school way of hosting apps locally.  It’s gratifying to finally see validation and adoption by many large companies who used to be naysayers.  A recent article in Forbes discussed a new survey of 900 executives and finds that:

The majority, 81%, say their organizations have already moved at least some business activities to the cloud and expect 2012 investment “to skyrocket, with some companies planning to spend more than a fifth of their IT budget on cloud next year,” the study finds.

Market Watch expands on this surge by adding that:

The software-as-a-service customer relationship management (or, SaaS CRM) market–already representing 570,000 U.S. SMB firms–is set to undergo double-digit year-over-year growth in the next five years. During this period, spending on SaaS CRM will outpace on-premise CRM by a margin of nearly four to one.

This trend has resulted in tremendous growth for Cosential and fewer conversations defending the cloud.  As a company that is always integrating and implementing new technologies, we are often faced with skeptics.

When the fear of change subsides, the users win, their processes improve, and people’s lives get a little better.

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