November 20, 2014

Leverage Your Firm’s Technology Assets to Attract a Multi-Generational Workforce


GenerationsTo successfully attract the best multi-generational Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) talent, it is essential to understand the importance of technology in building a powerful workforce. According to ACEC’s magazine, Engineering Inc.,

“Two-thirds to three quarters of Millennials choose employers based on available technology.” It is no surprise that Millennials – those born between 1981 and 2004, an increasingly large portion of the workforce – are defining what it means to be technology-focused professionals.

Their life experiences include the rapid growth of the Internet, unprecedented adoption of social media, and instant access to information. The result is a generation of empowered, engaged workforce entrants who are fully reliant on the ever-present, hands-on technology. As such, Millennials expect their employers to arm them with the best available tools to succeed in their careers.

While Gen Xers and Baby Boomers sometimes struggle to embrace and adapt to the latest technology, Millennials struggle without it. They are invariably more comfortable with the newest innovations and expect it in every area of their lives. As technology advances, it’s important for firms to accommodate the varying perspectives in order to reap the benefits of the differing generations.

Cosential offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology with multi-generational appeal. Most AEC professionals, regardless of their age, want tools that help them manipulate their data to identify trends, track goals, and maintain firm-wide transparency, but Millennials want more.

They want a comprehensive solution that includes integrations, configurable dashboard widgets, mobile access, and built-in tools to foster communication and collaboration. Cosential offers all of this in an interface that they can individually customize.

Cosential’s intuitive spreadsheet-like grid provides a familiar workspace for Baby Boomer and Gen X users to interact with as well. The secret weapon for any software adoption is ease-of-use and considering the user and their background is paramount to its success.

The Engineering, Inc. article goes on to advise firms to “Provide cutting edge tools. Millennials grew up with technology, they like technology, they know how to use it and they choose their employers as a result.”

Many recruiters and managers are catching on to this benefit and have begun advertising their firm’s technology assets. More and more, we’re seeing our customers promoting Cosential in their job profiles to attract Millennials and identify themselves as forward-thinking firms. Take a moment to identify your firm’s technology assets and figure out how you can leverage those tools in the recruiting process.

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