Mapping Business Processes for AEC firms

Mapping your business process gives you insight into how your whole organization flows and uncovers bottlenecks in workflow. It’s the best way to see opportunities to improve your firm’s processes. With a more streamlined process, you can boost productivity, eliminate waste, and optimize existing resources.

If you’re thinking of adopting a Customer Relationship Management solution, this practice is a necessary step for a successful implementation. And for those who have already deployed their CRM, this process will help identify necessary changes and tweaks to keep your business running smoothly.

We recommend that all Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms implementing Cosential review their business processes among their Administrator user group, at a minimum. These are the power-users who will have greater access to administrative controls.

Larger organizations with more complex business processes should follow a more formal review process in conjunction with an Implementation Specialist. This may include meetings with representatives involved in business development, marketing, project management, executive management, human resources, administration, operations, information technology and, oftentimes, finance.

To get started, follow the path that takes a project from a lead to an opportunity through project completion, while keeping each department in mind. During this process, continue to ask yourself if there are any redundancies or ways to improve workflow.

A business process map will be specific to your firm, but we’ve offered a couple of samples here to help you get started. The second example uses Cosential, so you can see the advantages a comprehensive CRM system can bring to your AEC workflow. We recommend that firms conduct an annual review of their business process to ensure that any shifts continue to be supported by their technology.

001_BDProcess_woCosential_JFWOW2013  001_BDProcess_wCosential_JFWOW2013

You’ll find more tips on analyzing your business process as well as additional information on preparing an AEC firm for CRM Implementation in our Best Practices for a Successful CRM Implementation eBook. Get your free copy here.

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