Motivating CRM Users to Enter Data

Every firm using a CRM system faces the challenge of entering data in a timely and accurate manner.  For many, data entry falls to the end of a to-do list which reduces the effectiveness of their CRM.

During Graceworks CEO Carol Doscher’s keynote at the 2011 Cosential User Conference, participants were challenged to brainstorm on how firms can motivate their staff to input data into Cosential.   Below are some of the fun, quirky, twisted, and smart solutions that they came up with.  It was obvious that some people appreciate rewarding their staff, while others prefer to punish and humiliate.  There was a third breed of thinkers that were determined to make data entry a part of their corporate strategy.  Which ideas resonate with you?

Should firms provide incentives for data entry like the following:

  • Free meal for family
  • Stickers, candy, marbles, beer and pizza
  • Cash
  • Extra time-off
  • Award someone with best data entry person of the month
  • Lunch with boss
  • Employee parking spot
  • Event tickets

Or should they use scare tactics like these Cosential users suggested:

  • Firm-wide email blast naming people not inputting data
  • No assignment of new projects to PM until data on old project is entered
  • No credit for sale if it’s not in the system
  • Call out members not performing data entry duties at staff meetings

These solutions may require more buy-in from the top, but seem like effective options:

  • Tie data entry to reviews, bonuses, and promotions
  • Make data entry a part of job descriptions
  • Schedule weekly check-ins to review Cosential updates
  • Create individual and group data entry goals
  • Mandate data entry requirements from the top

The data entry challenge will surely continue. What are your ideas? How does it work in your firm? Share your ideas. We’d love to hear from you.

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