December 6, 2013

Our Holiday Yearbook

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Instead of creating a generic holiday card this year, we decided to add a more personal touch. The holiday card we sent out is a yearbook, featuring a few of our employees’ childhood pictures along with a fun factoid or anecdote about each person, framed as what they were “most likely to” do.

In the process of putting the card together, I discovered that we’re a more interesting bunch than I ever imagined. We have a skydiver, a former runway model, and a street artist all working at Cosential. Someone else drove off of a cliff and walked away unharmed. (You’ll have to check out our card to find out who’s who.)

Creating the yearbook also taught me that we often undervalue how interesting we are. Almost no one shared their stories right away. Getting anecdotes required coaxing. Most people insisted they had nothing to contribute. It makes sense: it’s not that easy to look at your past, pick out an interesting story and shape it into one sentence. And yet, most people were capable of doing just that with a little encouragement.

So make the effort to learn more about those around you this year. You might be surprised at what you find. If you’re having a hard time thinking of what to share, look to our Yearbook for inspiration.

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