November 18, 2015

UX Spotlight

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Deep in the heart of Texas, the cowboys and cowgirls of Cosential have been searching for ways to corral information faster. We found a solution and are excited to share Quick Search with y’all


Julia and her co-worker Hayes Julia and her co-worker Hayes


Meet Julia, a Cosential UX Engineer for some behind the scenes insight on this new tool:

Q: So, What’s all the buzz about Quick Search?
A: As a company, we wanted to make it easier for our customers to access their information. Instead of having to select a search type, you can begin searching right away. Also, there are intelligent result matches that make the process lightning fast.

Q: What if I wanted to search just my opportunities?
A: We have you covered! With Quick Search, you can narrow it down to just your associated results. If you change your mind and want to search all personnel records in your company the user can toggle back.

Q: Walk me through the design process of Quick Search?
A: Not only did we collaborate with our clients, but also as a development team. It’s important to have everyone’s input so we can make it the best possible product. I made mockups and prototypes to get a feel for what the design would look like and also its functionality. After we found the right design, we tested it internally and then collected feedback from clients through our beta program.

Q: How about the new layout of Cosential?
A: I wanted to update the look of Cosential, which now includes more intuitive menus. For example a person can hover over their own profile picture to reveal user actions.

Q: Sounds like Cosential is full of new things.  Anything else fun going on?
A: We just moved offices in Austin to one down the street. It came with 6 flights of stairs for our stair challenge, a basketball hoop for our after work horse games and one cute golden retriever!

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