April 19, 2018

What words define your personal brand?

All of us, individually and as firms, have words that resonate with us. We have favorite words that we believe brand us and our firms. Words can inspire. And, words can describe who we are fundamentally, professionally, and emotionally.

Have you ever really thought about what these words say about our firms, our products, and us? Have you ever thought about what words represent your co-worker, your spouse, your best friend?

Could it be possible that words that affect us also touch a chord with those in similar positions? Or those who we gravitate toward?  Could we strengthen our relationships by sharing these words?

Recently, Cosential thought about their words. They chose 7 words that symbolize their brand: Love, Inspired, Easy, Cool, Powerful, Affordable, Wow. These words epitomize the emotions marketers, project managers, principals, CFOs and business developers experience with Cosential’s CRM system.

Cosential is launching a new branding campaign with these 7 words. At conferences around the country, you’ll soon see these words associated with Cosential in their displays and collateral material.

So we ask, what 7 words signify you and your personal brand?

Think about it, because soon, Cosential will ask you to engage in an A/E/C interactive experience revolving around your 7 words.  Stay tuned…

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