March 16, 2016

When Enough Is Enough: Email Marketing Frequency Strategy

We all know the feeling—that euphoria from the liberation that comes the moment you finally hit that “unsubscribe” button after months of considering it. But, it should be noted that the fact that it took us this long to consider unsubscribing means there was always a part of us that still liked the company even when we opted out.

It could’ve been a promotional company for vacations in the Caribbean (that we knew we were going to take one of these days!) or apartments in Los Angeles (where we knew we were going to move!), but there is always that moment when reality sets in, and we think, “Enough is enough.”

And why do we do it? Most of the time it’s because the company sends the email too frequently.

Thus the million dollar question: how often is too often? If a company is sending a promotional email three times a week instead of one, or everyday, or even several times a day (we all know those culprits exist), don’t they deserve it? Consumers say yes, which is why it is so important to have an email marketing frequency strategy.

Now, here’s your question: how often should I send a promotional email?

The Short and Very Flawed Answer: once a week.

Now, the longer, more complicated, more realistic answer.

It all depends on your goals and the type of AEC firm you run. Are you trying to increase awareness, create leads, or close deals? Also, perhaps the most important detail is ensuring you’re sending the right email to the right group of people (this was explained in last week’s post).

For example, if they’re subscribed to a monthly newsletter, make sure they are not included in the weekly email blast list. Avoid careless mistakes that invite people to unsubscribe.

But also, consider the needs of your clients and how often they need your services. Are these people who would need constant maintenance for the project that you built for them, or now that their project is completed, do they not need anything until much later in the future? Overall, ensure that you’re applying data analysis and not lumping people together in email groups they should not belong.

Finally, make sure your content is always relevant and interesting. Send emails that promote specific events to go to, or give away free offers. That way, no matter how often you send your email—once, twice, or three times a week—it never seems inconvenient.

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