Effective November 4, 2020

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Highlights
Privacy Policy Highlights
Personal Data We Collect
Cookies Policy
How We Use Personal Data

Privacy Policy Highlights

Cosential, as the controller of your personal data, is responsible for its processing as defined in this privacy statement. As such, we are committed to the privacy of every person interacting with our employees, services, website, social media account, and events. This privacy statement summarizes our practices in processing personal data and for what purpose.

This privacy statement does not apply to Cosential as a processor on behalf of our customers. For privacy information where a Cosential customer and/or a customer affiliate who uses Cosential products and services is the controller, please reach out to the respective customer directly. We are not responsible for the privacy or data security practices of our customers, which may differ from those set forth in this privacy statement.

Personal Data We Collect

Cosential collects data through our interactions with you and your interactions with us. You provide data directly when emailing a Cosential employee, completing contact or payment forms, webinar or event registration, or chat via our websites. Besides the data you provide, we may also collect information about the device you are using through cookies or similar technologies; such as an Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser version, and behavior data.

We also collect information about you from other sources, including third parties from whom we have purchased personal data, to enrich the information provided by you. This helps us to update and expand our records to identify potential new customers and create targeted marketing materials that may interest you. Third party providers may send business contact information; mailing address, job title, email address, phone number, industry, behavior data, IP address, social media profiles, and custom profiles. Developer repositories where Cosential hosts open source or community projects, like GitHub, may associate your code repository, usernames, and associated accounts when doing check-ins, forks, and pull requests.

Cookies Policy

Cosential’s websites, cloud products, and marketing emails use cookies and similar technologies; web beacons, tags and JavaScript, alone or in conjunction with cookies, to compile information about your use of our websites and emails from us. Our website and applications may include these technologies from approved third-party service providers.

The information collected by these technologies are used to combat fraud, manage user sessions, analyze page and application performance, targeted notifications and content, and enable user sign in.

How We Use Personal Data

Cosential works to provide users with an interactive experience with relevant information and uses the personal data we collect to meet that goal. We use personal data to:

  • Provide our websites, products, and services
  • Provide support and account management
  • Make personalized recommendations for products and services
  • Manage customer payments per our Terms of Service
  • Maintain the security and integrity of our website, products, and services
  • Improve and develop our products
  • Registering attendees for webinars and events
  • Displaying personalized content and notifications
  • Send marketing communications
  • Comply with legal obligations

Collecting and processing personal data allows us to engage with our customers and prospects with relevant information and content. The data is also a helpful tool in identifying and listening to the voice of our customers.

Our goal is to respect the experience and needs of our audiences and balance data privacy with personalized engagements through strategic and thoughtful use of data collection.