Administration and Management

Enjoy robust, yet flexible control.

Administration and Management

Manage that multi-million dollar construction project with ease as Cosential streamlines your workflow and keeps your many processes organized so no details fall through the cracks. What once seemed daunting is now effortless with Cosential.

User Manager User Manager

The User Manager empowers administrators with highly granular permissioning and administrative controls – including the ability to set up users and groups with simple drag-and-drop functionality or drop-down menus. There’s little to no need for IT involvement in the day-to-day administration of your Cosential solution.

Workflow Workflow

Workflow enables firm administrators to create automatic processes to manage the flow of new information into the Central Information Platform. Workflow processes can also help improve communication among departments and keep everybody up to speed.

  • Send email requests and notifications – notify specified staff that a new project has been added, or send a project number request form to accounting.
  • Change a field’s value from one selection to another – change an Opportunity record’s stage when a Go/No Go score is below a certain threshold.
  • Set system alerts when specific events occur, such as when a staff member’s professional registration will soon expire.
  • Attach documents from the affected record to email notifications (inclusion of a project number request form or a Go/No-Go form).

Value Lists Value Lists

Value Lists give your firm administrators a great amount of flexibility and control over the structure of your firm’s data throughout Cosential.

Some prominent examples include:

  • Company Type
  • Relationship of Associated Personnel
  • Contact Type
  • Affiliate Roles and Owner Relationships
  • Primary and Secondary Categories
  • Project Status
  • Opportunity Stage
  • Staff Role
  • Skill Types
  • + many more!

Simplify without compromise

Easy and Fast

Intuitive design. Quick to deploy. Limited learning curve.

Any Device, Anytime

Offer a common user experience across multiple devices. Anywhere. Anytime.

Supports BYOD / Mobility

Users love the flexibility. Owners love the high adoption rates.


Our support and account managers will feel like a member of your team.

Your Voice

Our Beta Program engages AEC firms in the software development process.


Your data is in secure datacenters, so that data loss is a thing of the past.

“I think one of the big benefits that we’ve seen from Cosential is our ability to search our national database of personnel experience when we do large, national searches. Before, the local marketing offices would literally have to go through everyone’s resume individually and tabulate the projects they’ve done, and now we can simply run a report in Cosential and find out what project managers we have nationally, and give that to the project team in a matter of minutes.”

Nancy Frazier – Skanska USA Building Inc.

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Cosential scales up or down via a unique flat subscription model that allows for expansion on your terms.


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