Analytics and Search

Gain perspective. Make smarter decisions.

Cosential makes it easy to find, interpret, and analyze any data. You can
search across multiple fields at once, returning the results in a format that
you can customize, print, or export into Microsoft Word or Excel.


Dashboards provide visibility and easy access to the information that matters most to each user, saving time and hassle. Now key data and analyses can be found at each user’s fingertips, based on personal preferences as well as job function.

Users can choose from an array of widgets and drill in to work with the vital AEC information they need most:

Hit rates – Business performance measured and published.

Revenue projections – Track monthly, quarterly, or annual accounting periods.

Tasks – Goals are organized so things get done.

Important contacts – Find the right person for the right job.

New opportunities – Keep your employees thinking forward.

Sales goals – Turn ideas into action.

Quick SearchCosential’s Quick Search

Cosential has an elastic search engine that allows users to query and find critical information quickly. Search across companies, contacts, leads, opportunities, projects, staff/ personnel, images, reports, resume intros. Cosential search engine uses a complex algorithm to interpret the terms entered and is designed to use several different logic based tools.

  • Relevance Scoring: search results are displayed by the relevance score which takes several factors into consideration, like the number of potential search matches, and displays results in order of relevance.
  • Exact Match: produces the highest relevance score and puts these results at the top of the results list.
  • Starts With: produces the second highest relevance score, second only to exact match.
  • Sounds Like: uses phonetic spellings to include possible search results.
  • “Fat Finger” and Typos: allows for common misspellings based on typos and “fat fingered” typing.
  • Search response rates faster than 40 milliseconds


Cosential’s Reporting module makes it easy to create sophisticated customized reports for all of the industry’s common queries, such as hit rate statistics, firm-wide opportunities sorted by status, or personnel with specific project experience.


Select the search parameters, determine how you wish to filter and sort the data, and view the results.


Reports can be saved or modified with just a few clicks – no programming required.


You can even export your results into Microsoft Excel or Word as needed.


Cosential’s Goals module shows your firm’s sales goals by office or division, including Revenue Projections based on Work in Progress or Project Progress.

Our sophisticated Revenue Projection Grid enables you to:

  • Estimate expected revenue from pending opportunities
  • Evaluate the strength of your pipeline by date ranges
  • Make strategic adjustments to your business development efforts, project staffing, or personnel resources.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

User-friendly interface keeps your company moving forward.



Simplify without compromise



Easy and Fast

Intuitive design. Quick to deploy. Limited learning curve.

Any Device, Anytime

Offer a common user experience across multiple devices. Anywhere. Anytime.

Supports BYOD / Mobility

Users love the flexibility. Owners love the high adoption rates.


Our support and account managers will feel like a member of your team.

Your Voice

Our Beta Program engages AEC firms in the software development process.


Your data is in secure datacenters, so that data loss is a thing of the past.

“Cosential provides us with a comprehensive database, allowing us to quickly access projects and data used for generating proposals, track our hit rates, follow up with opportunities, and run reports. The system has no problem managing our average workload of 75 proposals a month, 850 employees and over 6000 projects. Furthermore, Cosential makes it easy for us to efficiently store, search and retrieve the information we need.”

Deborah Boyd, Director of Marketing – KCI Technologies, Inc.

The Ultimate Sales and Marketing Suite

We are more than just a typical CRM solution, we are Cosential GRM. See how we differ from other standard offerings for the Engineering industry.


Built for Engineering, by Engineering experts.

Cosential GRM – so much more than a CRM - is the only cloud-based Growth and Relationship Management solution built specifically for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms.