Data Accuracy and Security

Keeping your business intelligence up-to-date and protected is just smart business.

At Cosential, we know that data accuracy and security are critical to the
performance of any CRM or proposal automation solution. That’s why our
solution is designed from the ground up, to protect the integrity of your
data and keep it secure.


Versioning technology

Keeps a history of all changes to any data related to companies and contacts, with rollback functionality.

Phonetic de-duplication

Eliminates 99% of duplicate records by detecting similar entries based on partial matches and phonemes. Cosential can detect possible duplicates even if an entry is misspelled.

USPS address validation

U.S. Postal Service address validation ensures address accuracy with just a click.

Data Security

While empowering your employees with the freedom to access information with our Anywhere/Anytime BYOD platform to maximize user-friendliness, Cosential simultaneously ensures data security by using the same sophisticated technology as the leading online financial services companies, including:

  • Multiple Tier 4 data storage centers, geographically dispersed across the U.S.
  • 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for web-based user authentication and data encryption
  • Managed redundant firewalls and intrusion detection alerts
  • Built-in user authentication
  • Highly granular, yet easily defined user access control



Simplify without compromise



Easy and Fast

Intuitive design. Quick to deploy. Limited learning curve.

Any Device, Anytime

Offer a common user experience across multiple devices. Anywhere. Anytime.

Supports BYOD / Mobility

Users love the flexibility. Owners love the high adoption rates.


Our support and account managers will feel like a member of your team.

Your Voice

Our Beta Program engages AEC firms in the software development process.


Your data is in secure datacenters, so that data loss is a thing of the past.

“My favorite part of Cosential is the opportunity database, the way it stores data, especially with value lists. It has changed the way we pursue work. I work directly with all of the marketing coordinators, and we’re constantly looking at our hit rates, and the fact that we have all this information directly at our fingertips so quickly, so easily, so accurately—it’s very important to us. There’s so much data you have, and you need to find a place to put it. Cosential is that for us.”

Deborah Boyd, Director of Marketing – KCI Technologies

The Ultimate Sales and Marketing Suite

We are more than just a typical CRM solution, we are Cosential GRM. See how we differ from other standard offerings for the Engineering industry.


Built for Engineering, by Engineering experts.

Cosential GRM – so much more than a CRM - is the only cloud-based Growth and Relationship Management solution built specifically for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms.