Be the expert on the state of your business.

What once seemed daunting is now effortless with Cosential. If you are an Executive or Principal decision maker, then the buck stops with you. Having a fully integrated CRM tool gives you the power to make critical decisions that will gain strategic advantages.

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Keep a constant pulse on the state of your business with strategic centralized reporting.

Display only the data you need, in a way that is easy to read by generating reports using multiple filters, sorting, and grouping.

Build, Customize and Save a reports for any module, like Opportunities, Projects, and even Grouped Reports.

Run reports with simple grid column outputs, visual graphs or export to Excel.

Supercharge reporting through easy connection to other analytic tools, like PowerBI.

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Strategize how you capture new work.

Build a meaningful account plan with details like SWOT analysis and success factors that are key to winning work.

Drill down into open opportunities to view the entire breadth of work, and projects you’re chasing with a company.

Uncover past completed projects and connections tied to the project you’re going after today.

Glean critical success drivers tied to your accounts in one spot.

Revenue Projection

Add predictability to your business with accurate revenue projection across the lifespan of your opportunities.

Allocate profit across the lifespan of your project with opportunity basics like the value, start, and end date.

View only the fields that represent highly valuable datasets of your opportunities.

Apply a custom-built curve to distribute funds across the lifespan of your project opportunity.

Bid with multiple partners on one project and only forecast it as one overall opportunity.

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Easily connect to your financial or project management system.

Build a truly integrated platform by connecting the most common financial applications in your space.

Securely sync your project-specific marketing and financial data.

Gain easy access to updated project, personnel, company, or contact information through an easy sync from your firm’s financial application.

View all projects and past pursuits with a client to pair with current sales activities.

Push closed/won Opportunities as new Projects

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