“Cosential makes wide-spread adoption easy by bringing our teams and their data together. Now we are able to execute project pursuits without leaving the tools our BD teams are most familiar with. Cosential’s New Business Development Experience is a game-changer, enabling us to move fast, drive predictable revenue, and be more strategic all while ensuring our entire firm is on board.”

"I think one of the big benefits that we’ve seen from Cosential is our ability to search our national database of personnel experience when we do large, national searches. Before, the local marketing offices would literally have to go through everyone’s resume individually and tabulate the projects they’ve done, and now we can simply run a report in Cosential and find out what project managers we have nationally, and give that to the project team in a matter of minutes."

"At DPR Construction we have about 1,400 employees, and we are a general construction firm. Cosential is a one of a kind product in its industry – the only software that met our requirements. As our company grows and our needs grow, Cosential will have the ability to grow with us."

"Cosential has streamlined our proposal process, made it much more efficient. I love the publisher module, we can produce profiles, project lists and resumes quickly and know that the information is accurate and consistent."

"One of the best things about Cosential has been the top-notch customer service. We are always able to get help from a real person and from someone that is extremely knowledgeable. Any issues we’ve raised have been dealt with immediately or in a timely fashion with good feedback in the interim on the status of the solution. Awesome customer service!"

"Cosential is a huge time-saver when all I have to do is make one change to a project on my dashboard and it populates all the associated records within Cosential. It keeps me focused on my pipeline instead of data management."