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Thank you for choosing Cosential, we are eager to help you get up and running with our software. If you are a first time user and you do not have a user name and password, please be sure that you contact your firm’s Overall Firm Administrator (OFA).

Your OFA is the designated administrator within your firm who can assign you a license. Once they grant you a seat you will receive an email with your user name, firm ID#, and a link in that email to set your password.

If you are unsure who the OFA is for your firm, we’d love to help! Just send an email to support@cosential.com or call our support team at 800-505-7089 ext. 2

Once in Cosential there are great resources to help you get aquatinted from webinars, how to documents, to training videos no matter what you are trying to accomplish you are probably not the first, so expect a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips in your Support Center.

Should there be anything else we can help you with please refer to the following info:

Support Center

Support Center

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Send your request to support@cosential.com

Phone Support


Call us at 800-505-7089 ext. 2, Monday – Friday, 9AM-8PM EST

We are constantly improving Cosential and would love your feedback.

“One of the best things about Cosential has been the top-notch customer service. We are always able to get help from a real person and from someone that is extremely knowledgeable. Any issues we’ve raised have been dealt with immediately or in a timely fashion with good feedback in the interim on the status of the solution. Awesome customer service!”

Roger T. Smith, Vice President – Howell Construction


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